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Firm registration (partnership)

Partnership Firms in India are governed by the India Partnership Act, 1932. Although it is not mandatory to register a Partnership Firm as there are no penalties for non-registration, it is advisable to get the Partnership Firm registered because without registration, following basic rights are not available with the firm or the partners:

A Partner cannot file a suit in any Court against the Firm or other partners for the enforcement of any right arising from a contract or right conferred by the Partnership Act.

A right arising from a contract cannot be enforced in any Court by or on behalf of your firm against any third party.

The firm or any of its partners cannot claim a set off or other proceedings in a dispute with a third party.

Documents Required:

  • Passport size photograph of each partner.
  • Self-attested copy of ID proof and address proof of each partner.
  • Copy of office electricity bill.
  • Rental Agreement.